WP Mail SMTP is not just a plugin it is a tool that you need to have with you. In this digital era, email marketing plays a vital role and it would be even better if you can find better solutions to generate traffic and boost posts. Email is send to everyone but we are not sure whether the open email or not. So in this article on how to track email open rates and link clicks, we are going to discuss WP Mail SMTP helpful tool to check if the email sent has created the right impact, increased traffic, and reached the right reader.

Open Email rates and Link clicks-WP Mail SMTP
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Email marketing is based on three main points:

  • Email subscription plugins
  • Desktop email marketing software
  • Real-time email tracking service

After you create an email and send it to the related users, what happens next is the big thing you need to know. Is it delivered? Is it opened? It is clicked? You may have many questions. Not to worry with WP Mail SMTP you can get an answer to most of your questions.

When an email is send from your WordPress website it is not sure that email may even be reach the targeted. Sometimes email service providers like Gmail and others may block your mail and reduce email as spam. This may cause reduce in your open rate and link click.

Why Open Email rates and Link clicks are important?

Open rate and link click give you a brief idea about how your email is performing. An open rate is expressed as a percentage of the total number of recipients who viewed or open your email. If an open rate is good it usually means your subject line resonates together with your audience.

A link click is a measure of how many of your email recipients clicked on a link that you had in your email. If your click rates are good, the message content has relevancy to subscribers who open the links.

Average open rate and click rates can differ from audience to audience. WP Mail SMTP gives you an accurate email open rate and click-through so that you can be well prepared next time.

Tracks Open Email and Clicks

First of all, If you haven‘t purchased WP Mail SMTP, we recommend you buy it now. WP Mail SMTP comes packed with tons of new features.

Next, follow how to install the WP Mail SMTP plugin for quick installation. So now you are ready to begin.

How to Track Email open rates and Link clicks-WordPress
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Email open and click-through give you easy views on how your emails are performing. If your email is gaining attention or not.

This is a turning point for your business or blog if you

  • Send emails from your WordPress site to the recipients
  • Run a digital marketing campaign.
  • You want to check the open rate of your posts

WP Mail SMTP can be very helpful for your future decision. Simply turn on email logging, enable tracking. Rest leave it to the plugin to take action.

Email WordPress WP SMTP Forms
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A new feature in the Pro version lets you track all the email performance, you can easily see engagement in your emails.

Resend WordPress Emails

Recipients usually complain that they have not received your email. In that case, you can check and easily resend your emails. Resending was one of the latest features of this year.

Open Email WordPress WP SMTP Forms
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In the above image, you can see that one of the emails is failed to send, you can resend right from there.

WP Mail SMTP lets you choose whether to send to the same email or change the email.

Email WordPress WP SMTP Forms
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There is also bulk resend features you can resend to multiples email at once with just 1 click.

Email WordPress WP SMTP Forms
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Save Email Attachments

Attachments have been easy since our new Pro release has been made. Know you can be able to save attachments in WordPress too.

Email WordPress WP SMTP Forms
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When this feature is enabled each attachment can be saved with the original email.

If you are storing attachments then our new Resend features will automatically resend those too.

EML Export

Email WordPress WP SMTP Forms
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New EML export feature. Now you can export individual or bulk emails and open them up in the email client.

Network Aggregated Open Email Log

You can load any of your subsites’ email logs in 1 place. With the 2.9 Pro release, a new aggregate email log for network features. Working with hundreds of subsites is no problem anymore.

Email WordPress WP SMTP Forms
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In Conclusion, You can easily track your email subscription all over the world and clearly understand who from your customers are most interested in your emails or what part of them they like more. With the release of the 2.9 pro version of WP Mail SMTP, you can track email opens and link clicks. Not only that you can do more you have to be imaging such as resend, bulk resend, export and attachment. Buy the 2.9 Pro release and improve your site more.

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