WordPress Password Hash Generator


SQL Query
Compatibility Wordpress v3.x, v4.x, v5.x and new versions

What is WordPress Password Hash?

Password Hash generates a hash password, the encrypted form of password for WordPress. The password hash is stored in databases as hashes for security reasons. This is because if a WordPress site is hacked, an attacker can easily read all user passwords, which is why the WordPress engine uses advanced hashing algorithms to generate different hashes for each password so that an attacker cannot read it even if he gets his hands on database.

What is WPrefers WordPress Password Hash Generator?

WPRefers developed WordPress Password Hash Generator, which is an online simple tool that can generate a hash for any password instantly. If you need to change your WordPress password for some reason, such as forgetting your admin panel password, enter a new password in our tool and click generate button. Password hash generated along with proper SQL Query which you can then copy. This tool generates an only hash for WordPress v3 and v4. v5 and newer versions.

With Update, WPRefers introduce a random password generator now you can generate an even stronger password for the WordPress user. Click on the Random button and you will get a random password generator with Password Strength Meter. Now you can be sure about the password strength along with a strong password and save your user login.

How to Generate Strong Password

  1. open  our site and go to tools >> WordPress password hash generator
  2. Click on the “Random” button to generate a strong and unique password every time.
  3. Click the “Generate”  button

Simple Steps to update WordPress Password

  1. You Should be Familiar with Phpmyadmin
  2. Use our tools ‘Password Hash Generator’to generate a hash password.
  3. Use the given generated update query to update the database.

you can also check the wp hash function for password detail

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