Email is a significant part of the website. Every website owner wants to record every email sent to respected users and they receive it properly. Email marketing is one of the most important to generate leads.

When you send an email, eagerness must arise if the mail is sent properly or not? Sometimes you are questioning yourself if the mail was open or not? Therefore, record every email sent to track.

Most e-mail marketers and lead-era strategists experience issues since a few of the emails that are assumed to be sent from their WordPress site to their prospect’s inbox are sent specifically to the spam envelopes and a few are not indeed conveyed.

How To Record Every Email Sent From Your Website
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Usually why it is imperative to track and record each e-mail sent from your Site to check if your emails are being delivered to your target prospect. It is additionally vital to record each mail date and time when it was sent and on the off chance that it was sent to the proper beneficiary.

Email tracking helps us to build and maintain relationships in this exceedingly crowded, competitive inbox environment. That’s why this guide is all about powering your inbox with email tracking to boost email efficiency and productivity.

If you want your WordPress website to keep a separate log for the emails sent from your site?

Many people don’t know how to log emails sent from their websites.

Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure you never miss an email again!

To solve this kind of issue, you must use a plugin called “WP Mail SMTP” on your website.

How To Record Every Email Sent From Your Website
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WP Mail SMTP plugin helps you to set up your website to send out emails easily.

This will add some features and advantages to your website for sure. Using the plugins dashboard, you can check the status of any email sent from your website. Also, there are lots of advanced functionalities of these amazing plugins, we will discuss them below.

Your best tool to record every email sent and prevent spam emails.

WP Mail SMTP plugin is the #1 SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) which is also a product of WPForms and installed by millions of websites to fix their deliverability issues, it helps you to improve your email deliverability and to prevent your emails from going to the spam folders.

You can log emails and know exactly who clicked them, so you don’t miss anything important.

How To Record Every Email Sent From Your Website
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 If your email campaigns are sent straight to the inbox of your use your email has a high chance to be opened and seen by your user and you’ll have a high chance of conversion rate.

Why an Email Log setting has to be turned on?

Some advanced features will force you to use these excellent plugins on your WordPress website. The following features of WP Mail SMTP give you the answer to this question.

Live Form Notification: This is a great feature by the WP Mail SMTP plugins.  This feature sends you an automated email notification when someone fills out a form on your website. It helps the administrator to easily identify and stay updated on the number of incoming leads. These plugins also help to route the specific email to the right person, and they will be notified.

You can check the mail status, whether the authorized person opened the first email or not. If they haven’t opened the first, then they’re unlikely to open future follow-ups.  Knowing the status of email is always important as this can lead to a sale quick.

 WP Mail SMTP plugin will boost the process if you use it on your website.

Who Received Which Email: Email tracking provides you with valuable insight into your email. You may be sending several emails from your website to your visitors. By reading through the email log, you can get to know what emails have been sent to which visitors. You can organize all the email processes and ensure the emails. The email log will impact the support system of your website.

Get More Details: The email log will have lots of details for you to track. If you are curious about the email details, you can check details like the date and time on which the email was sent and other email logs. Comparing all the details you can improve the service. The email log provides you with details so that you can take immediate action to improve your business.

Confirmation of sent emails: You must ensure all the email was sent successfully or reached the right person.  WP Mail plugins can help you whether all the emails are delivered correctly or not. In case user contact says that they haven’t received any emails, you can take a look at the email log and take proper actions and ensure the proper delivery of email.

How to Set Up WordPress Email Logs

WP Mail SMTP plugin is a simple plugin that allows you to use your email server without any third-party services. Follow these simple steps to easily start tracking emails from your website.

Step 1: Install WP Mail SMTP Plugin

First of all, you have to purchase a license as this is a paid plugin, then download the plugins from the dashboard of the plugin’s website.

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To get started, log in to your WP Mail SMTP Account. Once you are logged in click on the Downloads tab to download the current version of the Plugin. You will get the zip version of the plugin.

From Your Dashboard

  • Go to Plugins >> Add New
  • Click on the Upload Plugin button.
  • Save
  • Choose the zip file and upload.
  • After your file is uploaded, click on Install Now button.
  • Once the Plugin is installed Click Activate Plugin button.

After activating the plugin, you can either manually complete the setup or you can use the White Glove Setup features.

Step 2: Enable WP Mail SMTP Email Logs Settings.

  • From Your Dashboard
  • Go to WP Mail SMTP >> Settings.
  • Go to the email log tab.
  • You will see the option called Enable Log.
  • Enable the option.
  • Save

This will keep a record of the basic details from all emails sent from your website.

With this Enable Log option, every email log will have the following data.

  • Status of the Emails
  • Date and time
  • The subject of the email
  • Recipient email details
  • From email
  • Number of attachments attached in every mail.
  • Other technical details.

Next, click the check box next to the enable log. Once you have selected the enable log feature, the second option will be displayed right below the enable log option called Log Email Content.

 Once this feature is enabled, it starts to store all your website’s log details in plain text format without any encryption standard implemented.

It’s up to you as this is an optional setting and isn’t required.

Since the entire log data are stored in your website database, as the log data volume increases. The website speed will go down. To be clear the feature need not be enabled to track your email log data.

Make Sure to consider before enabling.

Even if this option is disabled, you can keep track of the log data as explained earlier.

Email Log in WP Mail SMTP
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Once you have enabled your log settings, click on the Save button to confirm your changes and to enable WordPress email logging.

Step 3: Viewing WordPress Email Logs and Record Every Email sent.

To View Email Logs

You can view all the emails sent from your website. The last sent email will be at the top of the list.

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To view, more details about individual emails click on the subject. When you click the link, it displays the additional details of the email.

View Email Log in WP Mail SMTP
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It’s pretty simple to set up WP Mail SMTP and it’s very easy to use as well, that’s why it is loved by many website builders and website owners because of its super-fast and super friendly interface. And it’s very helpful in every email marketing campaign too.

Other uses for the WP Mail SMTP plugin?

You all use the WP Mail SMTP plugin to send your emails. But did you know there are other ways to use this plugin?

You can also notify subscribers when new content is published, or even automatically add links in your emails that point back to your site.

This will help with SEO and traffic!

  • You’ll never forget to follow up on emails.
  • it’s easy to stay in touch with your customers.
  • Get more potential customers and sales from existing customers.
  • Keep track of all your emails in one place.
  • Never send an email twice.
  • Get notified only when you want to be and many more.


In conclusion, WP Mail SMTP is the best Plugin to track your email logs. We hope this article helps you understand WP Mail SMTP and set up WordPress email logs using WP Mail SMTP Plugin. You can record every email sent, and all the records of emails for future benefaction.

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