You must be wondering How to install WordPress? A Step-by-Step Guide to Installing WordPress. WordPress is a powerful Content Management System. It is one of the most powerful and popular CMS (Content Management Systems). This is responsible for almost one-third of the world’s web pages. WordPress is used to create websites such as personal blogs, companies, and eCommerce. In this article, we will look at How to install WordPress?

install wordpress in cpanel
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How to install WordPress Manually in Cpanel

The most recent official version of WordPress can be downloaded from the official WordPress site Download and save the zip file to your desktop PC.

install wordpress in cpanel
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After downloading the zip file, go to its directory and extract the full bundle. Make a note of the extracted content’s location and upload it to your web server.

Upload the WordPress zip file to the server

1. log in to your domain server

2. Open the file manager tool

3. go to the public_html directory

4. upload a zip file

5. extract the WordPress file.

Before processing the setup step you need to create a MySQL database.

Once the database is ready then you can start the WordPress installation setup process.

How to install WordPress in Cpanel softaculous

WordPress is a powerful open-source content management system (CMS) that you can install using the cPanel Softaculous Apps Installer. Every hosting provider has a quick setup for a WordPress site. We recommended you check for the Softaculus apps in the server for the latest WordPress installation. Before proceeding with installation, you need a domain name and a trustworthy web hosting company.

cpanel software wordpress
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1. login to your Cpanel

2. go to the software section, check for the Softaculous icon, and click it.

3. Select WordPress

4. Next is the installation process

5. Fill in the form. You need to provide proper information.

6. After filling the form with the correct information click on the install button.

After installation you will see a success message then you can access the site admin panel.

How to install WordPress via FTP

While we can install WordPress instantly using a hosting account easy click. we also encourage customers who want to adjust their installation to do so using an FTP Client. You will be able to set up our database and connect it to the WordPress core files once installed if you go on this path.

wordpress via ftp
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Let’s check a few recommendations before processing.

1. Check DNS records

2. Check the directory of the domain.

3. clear any existing domain if you have already installed

Installation Process:

1. Prepare a new database

2. Download the latest version of WordPress files

3. unzip the file using decompression

4. Connect to your hosting account (Use FTP Client)

5. upload unzipped WordPress files one by one into the directory.

6. Configure the wp-config.php file.

7. start the WordPress installation step.

8. Fill out all the information in the form.

9. Click the Install Now button then you get Congratulation Message.

FTP is useful since it allows you to deal directly with the files that comprise your website. Knowing how to access your site through FTP is a must-have ability for any WordPress site owner.


In conclusion, it is very easy to set up WordPress using these methods if you follow the step-by-step process. This topic will cover How to install WordPress. At last, you can use any of the themes and plugins mentioned in our WPRefers resources.

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