WePOS is a Feature-Rich, very fast, and fully responsive WooCommerce Point of Sale plugin. It comes with a rich collection of unique features that you have been waiting for for years.

WePOS comes completely with  Rest API supported, It has features like Outlet and Counter Management, Advanced Receipt Builder with White Level, Multiple Live Cart Management, and Secure Login Panel for Cashier, Convenient Payment System, Inventory Control – everything you need to manage your WordPress powered online business. This is the ultimate POS solution with a lot of unique features.

With cutting-edge technology and features, wePOS stands out from the rest. It’s truly the missing piece in the WooCommerce POS system. WePOS power up the WooCommerce ecosystem. It will allow you to easily take orders and track your entire inventory using the WooCommerce store you have built.

Once the plugin is installed, You can physically count your WooCommerce products by scanning Barcodes and adding them directly to the customer’s cart for processing the order. The purpose of this plugin is to make eCommerce order & inventory management easier and more powerful!

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WePOS Woocommerce point of sale detail

WePOS is a single-page application that runs very fast, is lightweight, and shouldn’t slow your site down. It is a free POS plugin for WooCommerce based on REST API and a custom API that allows it to seamlessly manage your store (physical or otherwise) right from the system in the WordPress and WooCommerce backend.

It is considered one of the most responsive WooCommerce POS plugins that help you utilize your online store. This easy-to-use software lets businesses customize features, take orders, and track their real-time inventory with a WooCommerce store. It is very attractive, easy to navigate, and not difficult to understand at all.

Easily connect your online with your offline store turn your (mobile) devices into a cash register, take and manage orders and track your inventory in real-time for your WooCommerce store. As you can directly connect the POS system to your WooCommerce database you don’t need any third-party bridging software. That way, you won’t have any syncing issues or extra costs.

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WePOS is a web-based Point-of-Sales (POS) system that is appropriate for both small to mid-sized retailers and designed to work natively with WooCommerce.

Features of WePOS Woocommerce point of sale

Based on REST API

WePOS is a single-page application that works super fast. We have used WooCommerce REST API and some custom APIs to develop the plugin. This has made the plugin response fast and gets your work done in time. In a physical store, you get a lot of customers who wait to check out their products. wePOS allow your user to utilize a one-way ticket to manage their checkout process with ease.

Attractive User Interface

A good UI can sometimes make a system even more attractive.  WePOS has an astonishing design that allows you to operate the system smoothly. With it, you can properly manage your inventory and orders.

Outlet & Counter Management

wePOS lets you manage unlimited outlets and unlimited counters. You can manage these outlets individually. It also allows you to have different cashiers/agents for those counters separately.

Secure Login Panel for Cashiers

Your cashiers can log in to the system with their credentials and also they have access to view the front. So, you need not hand over the backend WordPress access. Therefore, it will give your cashier an effective process with high productivity.

Advanced Receipt Builder with White-label

The easy customizable process of style and single detail in your invoice is also an amazing feature of WePOS. You can change and edit it as you want. And white-label feature lets you can personalize your POS system according to your preference with ease.

Expedient Payment System

Most startup business owners often face payment gateway-related issues for their online business. But the good news is, that wePOS supports almost all the popular payment gateways including cash, cards, and all the others.  So, your customers will get plenty of options to complete their purchases.

Multiple Live Cart Management

This wePOS feature lets you handle multiple carts concurrently. It includes tab-style cart management. So, you easily manage multiple live carts without losing the data. Moreover, you can initiate checkout for multiple customers at the same time.

Cashier Take Care of Your Orders

As we have mentioned before, you can create and assign cashiers for each of your counters in different outlets. The assigned cashiers will get access to those particular counters that you have assigned them to. This is the way, WePOS ensures the privacy of all transactions in your store.

Tax Calculation

wePOS comes with an upgrade Tax management feature. It will automatically calculate the Tax and VAT for your sales. You can specify whether to include Tax or VAT in the checkout or not.

Shortcut / Hotkey Support

WePOS has shortcut key support that lets you use its features faster. This is very important for any physical store so that the sales executive can read the Barcodes and process the orders at pace.

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WePOS is a popular WooCommerce POS plugin that comes in both a limited free version and more full-featured premium versions.

A free plan allows you to thoroughly test the WooCommerce POS with basic features including its beautiful, intuitive user interface, tax calculation, basic receipt generator, and a cash gateway.

weDevs are offering three premium packages: Starter, Professional, and Business starting at $99/year. Paid plans come with outlet and counter management at each location, cashiers, multiple live cart management, an advanced receipt builder, and support for card gateways.

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WePOS is a fast and responsive WooCommerce Point of Sale plugin. It is a smart store management solution to smoothly supervise your single or multiple WordPress eCommerce stores. Which lets you take orders and track your inventory using your WooCommerce store.

With highly customizable and it even includes tax calculations. With a simple interface and shortcut keys, the user can speed up the work. It keeps all the data and keeps track of customers & their orders with ease. Thus, it also helps to process customer-facing transactions moderately. It also conveniently allows both admin and shop manager to handle POS orders.

wePOS helps you integrate your WooCommerce store with your POS system to take orders and track your real-time inventory using your WooCommerce. It allows you to physically count your products by scanning Barcodes and adding them to the customer’s cart for processing the order.  It is appropriate for both small and mid-size retail stores with other Woocommerce plugins.

Customer support: wePOS attentive customer support is available 24/7 for any of your questions, issues, suggestions, and requirements.

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