WP ERP is the first-ever full-fledged all-in-one business management tool that includes three different modules- Customer Relation ManagerCRM, Human Resource Management Software, and Accounting software tools for every WordPress website. Created specifically for WordPress businesses and websites, WordPress Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) offers a powerful CRM plugin for tracking leads, managing customers and managing different business aspects from a single platform. Through this system, you can simultaneously manage your WordPress site and business from a single platform.

wp erp plugin
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The plugin is developed by WeDevs, a popular WordPress solution giant that has produced many amazing WordPress plugins throughout its tenure. It currently has over 10,000 active installs with a good rating of 4.5-star. It’s a complete enterprise resource planning solution aimed at small and large-sized businesses to grow without worrying about the processes.

WP ERP best tool for customer

WP ERP is a great tool for communicating with customers, as it allows you to message them directly from their profiles. Some of the numerous useful features include automated email communication and notification system, employee creation, creating contact groups, a detailed CRM activity report that includes customer and business growth, scheduling of direct calls and meetings, and related processes on a systemic workflow.

WP ERP features
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WP ERP is an enterprise resource planning plugin that works with WordPress. It has a simple, flexible, and easy-to-use user interface to manage your contacts record, team, customers, schedules tools, activities logs, and communications.  Which helps you to manage to leave requests, promotions, increments, meeting schedules, emails, vendors, bank accounts, invoice generation, keeping records, and more.  That stores a complete message log; you can assign tasks to employees, sort customers, keep records, and bookkeeping. It tracks and follows up with potential leads to convert them into paid customers.

Plugin Features

The plugin provides powerful CRM, HR Manager, and an Accounting & Project Management capability that lets you take care of your career and venture from the backend of your site with full freedom. It is an automated system for triggering actions based on many different events within your ERP system. With this tool, you can save your time and in many cases also reduce margin errors. With this tool, you can keep tabs on your site visitors, subscribers, and customers all in the same place. One of the many advantages of WP ERP is it centralizes all the major core processes of the businesses. 

dashboard of plugin
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WordPress ERP is compatible with a bunch of different extensions, making it easy to integrate it into your existing website. There are also paid extensions for all these modules of the plugin and several more for these modules. To accept all those features, you need to upgrade to WP ERP Pro.

Features of WP ERP

Supports up to forty-four different currencies: Over 40 currencies are supported, it allows customers to transact in more than one currency.

Email Notifications: Emails notifications are sent out to both clients and admin, you do not have to worry about missing any task, and you get instant email notifications on every important action.

Employee management: WP ERP is packed with Human Resource Management, this function helps you in managing your staff information and records. It handles employee benefits and shares company-wide announcements.

Account Management: With WP ERP, you can manage all your financial transactions, account records, bookkeeping information, etc. Some of the features include a balance sheet, income tracking, and reports.

Easy Integration with WooCommerce:  With WooComerce integration you can start an eCommerce store. This will allow you to manage your customer and marketing all on one platform.

Team Conversation:  Agents, Employees, and Staff can contact with inbuilt messaging functionality for discussion and communications in the organization.

Milestones:  You can break projects into milestones and assign each task to users. With each milestone completed, it can easily be updated on the system

Comprehensive Dashboard:  It gives you an overview of all the activities happening on your site. It is like a mini-live status of all activities happening at a go.

Interactive Calendar: It provides an intuitive and interactive calendar with an easy drag and drops feature where you can track daily, weekly, monthly and yearly activities.

powerful prebuilt core
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WP ERP Comes with three powerful pre-built core modules –

HR Management

CRM System

Accounting System


Project Management via WP Project Manager

WP ERP Human Resource Manager

WP ERP HR manages all the information about the company from a single place. It helps to create employees and add them to their departments and assign designations. You can make individual employee profiles. You can share announcements or publish them with employees and departments. Manage employees’ leaves and policies from one place. Generate reports based on each employee’s performance.

WP ERP HR Manager
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WP ERP Customer Relationship manager

 WP ERP offers an easy-to-use interface for managing and communicating with your customers.  It also holds the contact information of clients, sales and purchase history, etc.  It also serves as a lead-generating and email marketing tool. 

CRM notification
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WP ERP Accounting Solution

Its dashboard gives users a graphical representation that offers a quick overview of all the major activities happening on the site. It uses an intuitive, easy, and interactive system suitable for beginners without knowledge of Accounting. Also, has an expense tracking feature that enables you to track all expenses within a single interface. Then automatically generates payment vouchers, invoices, receipts, etc.

ERP customer manager
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WP ERP project Management

Handling multiple projects or large projects can sometimes get messy and confusing.  with the tool, it becomes easier. Another part of the module is the project management system, this aspect deals with managing projects. With the project management tool, you can track all projects, tasks, and performance in real-time. You can also generate reports and measure performance. It has built-in communication tools that will help you work smarter.


  • It is easy to use:  It is one of the most sophisticated yet easy-to-use plugins in the market.
  • Integration with Third-Party Apps: It can easily be integrated with third-party applications. It offers seamless integration with other third plugins.
  • It comes as a free plugin making it one of the most cost-effective plugins in the market. However, it also has a pro version that is fairly priced.
  • Multi-Lingual: The plugin is available in over 20 plus Languages. This will deal with the issues of the language barrier.
  • It is a free plugin: WP ERP is free to use, though it has a premium option.
  • It is an open-source program: Another advantage of WP ERP is its free to use and also highly customizable. With an open-source program, you can reprogram it to your taste. 
  • 24 Hours Support Service: They offer a top-notch 24 hours support service. At any point should you need help or have issues with your installation. Feel free to contact the customer service via their website, social media, or live chats.  Also, they have well-detailed documentation and video tutorials available on their knowledge base that will serve as a guide.
  • WP ERP allows an unlimited number of users meaning you can add as many users as possible to the system.
  • It is user-friendly: It is suitable for beginners and does not require knowledge of accounting or project management. It offers a simple visual drag and drop which makes it easier for starters and non-professionals.
  • You don’t just receive a CRM, but four other modules for things like recruitment, documents, human resources, and accounting


  • You may have to upgrade to more advanced features or add some extensions for an additional cost
  • Some companies may not want a full suite of products like this
  • Some of the premium add-ons can be found free. other plugins on this list – like payroll and payment processing


The core plugin is FREE to download and use for basic CRM features. It is available at WordPress.org. The free version has the most important tools to help your business keep in touch with your customers and log those interactions. Some of the free elements include company information management, location tools, and a holiday calendar.

It has a paid plan for $9.99 per month. It also offers premium extensions to add more options to your platform. You can extend the core plugin’s functionality with premium extensions. You can either purchase individual extensions or a bundle. Individual extensions vary in price, going for anywhere from $39 to $149. If you go the bundle route, WP ERP offers a dedicated bundle with access to some or all of the specific premium extensions.


WP ERP is the first-ever full support ERP, by which you can simultaneously manage your WordPress site and business from a single platform. It is one of the best WordPress CRM plugins and comes with a full feature set that takes care of HR, accounts, finance, and business managers. Designed for medium to large businesses that also want to take advantage of the other tools for recruitment, accounting, and human resources. WP ERP is an excellent choice if you want a full enterprise management suite. The plugin is so beginner-friendly and with one-click activation. WP ERP’s free version has all the important features you need to manage the basics of your business.

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