WordPress keyboard shortcuts allow you to keep your hands on your keyboard instead of moving them away from the keyboard to the mouse, click, drag & drop, etc. In addition, keyboard shortcuts save you without losing the ability to select the text, add formatting, undo-redo, insert a block, or even rate your comment section.

Above all, this will save a lot of time for blog authors and blog editors who spend much time writing and updating or editing the blogs. After all, we are all busy people with so many different things to do each day. Many WordPress beginners use their mouse to access these formatting and style buttons in the editor.

However, with WordPress keyboard shortcuts, you can get your hands on the keyboard and edit your posts instantly. After that, you can type faster and save your product to WordPress. Plus, you get to keep your hands on your keyboard while choosing a format and measuring texts.

Keyboard shortcuts for Mac and Windows
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In addition, the great thing about using WordPress shortcuts is that most of your computer shortcuts and Microsoft Word work the same way in the WordPress content editor.

Similarly, we have listed some common WordPress shortcuts that you can use for speed and efficiency. We compile a huge list of all the WordPress keyboard shortcuts we know. They work with both the WordPress block editor and the old classic editor.

Why Use WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts?

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For instance, it’s ok but, but after a few hours of writing and editing blog posts, your hand feels like it’s just sticking to the bench with a glue of words and mouse clicks. While using WordPress keyboard shortcuts does not eliminate total fatigue, it reduces it to a noticeable level.

If you use these shortcuts in WordPress, you can get your hands on your keyboard and write / edit posts instantly. Somehow, you increase your productivity, and it works better in what you do.

Standard WordPress Keyboard Shortcut for

Shortcut Action For Mac users For Window users
Copy Cmd+c Ctrl+c
Paste Cmd+v Ctrl+v
Cut Cmd+x Ctrl+x
Select All Cmd+a Ctrl+a
Bold Cmd+b Ctrl+b
Italic Cmd+i Ctrl+i
Underline Cmd+u Ctrl+u
Undo Cmd+z Ctrl+z
Redo Cmd+y Ctrl+y
Save your changes Cmd+s Ctrl+s
Print Cmd+p Ctrl+p
Convert the selected text into a link Cmd+k Ctrl+k
Display the selected text in a monospaced font Opt+Ctrl+x Alt+Shift+x 
Show keyboard shortcuts (Display this help) Opt+Ctrl+h Alt+Shift+h

The final shortcut Alt + Shift + H or Option + Control + H is a useful shortcode. Similarly Pressing these keys in WordPress pops a list of all the WordPress hotkeys that you can use. WordPress keyboard shortcuts mac is similar to windows.

WordPress keyboard shortcuts keys
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WordPress Gutenberg Keyboard Shortcuts

In 2018, WordPress released its 5.0 version. This version introduced Gutenberg as the default WordPress editor. Following this release, we have included useful Gutenberg WordPress shortcuts in the following section:

Gutenberg Global keyboard shortcuts for

Shortcut Action For Mac users For Windows users
Adds a new block Enter Enter
To display shortcut window Ctrl+Opt+H Alt+Shift+H
To save your changes Cmd+S Ctrl+S
To undo your last changes Cmd+Z Ctrl+Z
To redo your last undo Cmd+Shift+Z Ctrl+Shift+Z
To show or hide the settings sidebar Cmd+Shift+, Ctrl+Shift+,
Navigate to the next part of the editor Ctrl+` Ctrl+`
Navigate to the previous part of the editor Ctrl Shift+` Ctrl+Shift+`
Switch between Visual Editor and Code Editor Cmd+Opt+Shift+M Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M
To insert a new block before the selected block(s) Cmd+Option+t Ctrl+Alt+t 
To insert a new block after the selected block(s) Cmd+Option+y Ctrl+Alt+y
Clear selection Esc Esc
Open the block navigation menu Opt+Ctrl+o Alt+Shift+o
Move to the next part of the editor Opt+Ctrl+n Alt+Shift+n
Move to the previous part of the editor Opt+Ctrl+p Alt+Shift+p 
To navigate the nearest toolbar Fn+Opt+F10 Alt+F10

Gutenberg Block Shortcuts

Shortcut Action For Mac users For Window users
To duplicate the selected block(s) Cmd+Shift+D Ctrl+Shift+D
To remove the selected block(s) Cmd+Opt+Backspace Ctrl+Alt+Backspace
To insert a new block before the selected block(s) Cmd+Opt+T Ctrl+Alt+T
To insert a new block after the selected block(s) Cmd+Opt+Y Ctrl+Alt+Y
To change the block type after adding a new paragraph /

Keyboard Shortcuts for Classic WordPress Editor

If you are still using the classic WordPress editor, then you are missing out on many great features and quick typing experiences. We recommend that you update WordPress to the latest version or simply disable the classic editor plugin. Simply justify the shortcut key in WordPress.

However, if you have to use the old classic editor, then you can use these keyboard shortcuts.

Classic WordPress Editor Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Shortcut Action For Mac users For Windows users
Toggle heading sizes Cmd+Opt+[number] Alt+Shift+[number]
Align Left Cmd+Opt+l Alt+Shift+l
Justify Text Cmd+Opt+j Alt+Shift+J
Align Center Cmd+Opt+c Alt+Shift+C
Strikethrough Cmd+Opt+d Alt+Shift+D
Align Right Cmd+Opt+r Alt+Shift+R
Unordered List Cmd+Opt+u Alt+Shift+U
Insert link Cmd+Opt+a Alt+Shift+a
Numeric List Cmd+Opt+o Alt+Shift+o
Remove Link Cmd+Opt+s Alt+Shift+s
Quote Cmd+Opt+q Alt+Shift+q
Insert Image Cmd+Opt+m Alt+Shift+m
Insert More tag Cmd+Opt+t Alt+Shift+t
Insert Page Break tag Cmd+Opt+p Alt+Shift+p
Full screen visual editor mode Cmd+Opt+w Alt+Shift+w
Full screen plain text mode Cmd+Opt+f Alt+Shift+f

WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts for Managing Comments

Beyond editing content, WordPress also includes built-in shortcuts to help you moderate comments.

enable keyboard shortcuts for comment
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By default, these shortcuts are disabled. But you can enable them with just a few seconds of work:

Enabling Keyboard Shortcuts for Comments

Log in to your WordPress dashboard.

  • Go to Users → Your Profile in your WordPress dashboard.
  • You will see the “Enable keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation” option on the Keyboard Shortcuts section.
  • Check the box next to Keyboard Shortcuts to Enable keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation.
  • Click on the ‘Update Profile’ button at the bottom of the page.

You have successfully enabled the keyboard shortcuts for comments. After that, You can now use the keyboard shortcuts at the comment screen of the admin area. 

Here are the shortcuts for comments moderation:

J = Next comment, i.e., moves the current selection downwards.

K = Previous comment, i.e., moves the current selection upwards.

X = adds a checkmark

A = Approve the comment.

S = marks the comment as spam

U = Unapprove the comment

D = Delete the comment

R = Reply to the comment.

Q = Opens the quick edit screen to edit the comment.

Z = Restore Comment from Trash / Undo when you delete a comment.

E= Opens the full edit screen

In addition to selecting multiple comments, press X. After that press J or K to expand the selection upwards and downwards, respectively. For bulk action on the chosen comments, use the following shortcuts:

X + shift = Select all the comments

A + shift = Approve the selected comments

S + shift =marks all the selected comments as spam

D + shift = Delete the selected comments

U + shift = Unapprove the selected comments

T + shift = Move the selected comments to the trash

Z + shift = Restore the selected comments from the trash


In conclusion, these are all WordPress keyboard shortcuts in the list, it may take some time to get used to this at first but once you get it by hand you will be able to type faster with a good result.

In addition, to get used to it, you need to use it often to get used these shortcuts. After that, they will help you save time and speed up the process. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are a regular blogger or a newbie, these shortcuts can greatly improve your performance, productivity, and workflow.

Further, you can check out WordPress keyboard shortcuts plugins and justify shortcut keys in WordPress.

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