Are you a blog lover and ever wonder how to start a blog website for free that you wish to do? You may have read many blogs of others and wanted to start your blog, but wondering where to start and how to start. There are many ways to start by still wondering which is the best and why writing a blog is important.

Many of the “websites” that you view via social media or through a Google Search are in fact blogs. Every day there are more people creating web presences via blogging for fun or profit.

GreenGeeks is an internet service provider that will store your blog, and content and make it available on the Internet for visitors. GreenGeeks is the best web hosting provider for your blog. It is also the greenest web hosting provider on the planet. 

 For those who have Passion, a strong Foundation, and access to knowledge. We are dedicating this blog to them to set up their first blog. Through this guide, we hope everyone can start a blog website for free with GreenGeeks in 30 seconds. Let’s go

Step By Step

Let’s Setup your Domain Name and start a blog website

You can Register a new domain name or you can tell us what domain you already have.

start a Blog with GreenGeeks Quick Launch Wizard
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Blog in just a few clicks with GreenGeeks Quick Launch Wizard
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Your account will be activated automatically when you sign up for new hosting services. That is unless the order is flagged for manual review by our sales team.

Accounts that activate automatically will be logged into the GreenGeeks dashboard and taken to the Quick Launch Wizard for that service.

 GreenGeeks Quick Launch Wizard
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Click” Select “next to one of the four options.

you will see a new box appear with additional details or options depending on the selection.

After making the appropriate selections you can click the “Continue” button at the bottom.

start a blog for free with GreenGeeks
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Let’s take a closer look at the options available.

Quick Launch Wizard Choices

1.       Start a New Website / Start a blog website

This option allows you to set up a completely new site on your EcoSite account. Selecting this option will show the CMS choices for the new site

Greengeeks Quick Launch Wizard
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Currently, these include:

  • WordPress
  • WordPress + WooCommerce
  • Weebly


Selecting one of the first two options will set up a new WordPress installation on your account.

Step 2 

In the setup, you can select a theme, add optional plugins, and adjust the Site Information (such as title and description) as well as your SSL configuration.

start a blog website with theme
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The LiteSpeed cache plugin will always be included with all WP installations by default and does not need to be selected under Plugins. 

Once the installation process is complete, you will be shown the finalization page with WordPress login details. An automatic login link for the site’s wp-admin.

a blog is ready
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Warning: Content Exists

If you try to set up WordPress on a domain where an existing installation is detected, an error message will be shown.

To proceed with setting up a new installation and removing the existing content.

Click the “I understand” check box and click the “Continue” button to proceed with the re-installation.

2. Starter Site to start a blog website

GreenGeeks offers a free WordPress-based Starter Site based on the information that you provide. Where one of our professional site design specialists will create a simple WordPress starter website for you. 

Selecting this option will bring you to the Starter Site request form, where you’ll be asked to provide any relevant site information. This includes business hours, logos, social media details, and other relevant information.

website templates
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Once you’ve filled out all the information, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Click the “Create My Website” button.

The data will be sent to our Customer Success team for review, and they’ll contact you via a support ticket with any further questions or updates.

When you choose this option, you will not see the Quick Launch Wizard again unless you manually open the page from the link. within the Manage tab of their hosting account, as shown above.

Where Can I Find the Quick Launch Wizard afterward?

After signing up and logging into your GreenGeeks account for the first time, you will automatically be taken to our Quick Launch Wizard. You’ll continue to see the Wizard page upon login until one of the 4 choices has been selected.

Quick wizard Greengeeks
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Features and Speciality

Optimized for WordPress:  GreenGeeks is continuously optimized to ensure 99.9% uptime.  The expert support team is best aligned to ensure the best WordPress hosting experience.

Blazing Fast Speeds: The WordPress website will be hosted on our platform utilizes LiteSpeed WebServer and comes with an LS Cache plugin, enabling the website to load super quickly.

Enhanced Security: The website will be monitored for malware and other possible threats and vulnerabilities via combined automation and manual efforts.

Developer Friendly: By Default, your website will have SSH access, Git, WP-CLI SFTP, phpMyAdmin, and an option for multiple PHP versions.

1-click WordPress Installation: Automatically install WordPress with just a single click of the mouse.

WordPress Acceleration: This allows you to take advantage of LiteSpeed’s LSCache for WordPress Plugin, which enables websites to perform 4X faster.

Automatic Updates: Auto-detect out-of-date versions and perform automatic updates to your WordPress core and plugins.

SSL Certificates: Include a Free SSL Certificate powered by Let’s Encrypt to ensure HTTPS compatibility.

PROS: What’s good about GreenGeeks

Eco-friendly: 300% green hosting

Excellent server performance: Rated A in all tests

Choice of different server locations

Convenient & newbies friendly

Helpful customer support and user knowledgebase

Budget-friendly- big discount for new users


Web hosting plan
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GreenGeeks has been the industry’s leading ECO-Friendly web hosting service provider. That develops and keeps in mind the necessity of their user. Technology is growing fast and concerning those changes, GreenGeeks is a step ahead in providing the best service. Blogging is the latest trend and GreenGeeks makes a feasible, easy, and quick  Setup so that within a few clicks with GreenGeeks Quick Launch Wizard you can start a blog website for free. In this article, we have discussed the GreenGeeks hosting and the quick launch wizard. Hope that helps to run your blog within seconds. If you have any problems then here is the official link to GreenGeeks Launch Quick Wizard setup. 

Brilliant minds with years of experience are available to assist you by chat or phone 24/7 support.

The post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you.

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