A payment gateway is a web-based service designed to accept and process payments such as credit and debit card payments from merchants. Create payment forms that accept payment from the customer’s shopping cart to the processing network. The gateway you choose is pretty important, if you’re planning to sell products or services on your site, chances are you need a payment gateway. Offering your customers different types of payment options is one good way to make them happy.

More people are shopping online and they expect to visit online businesses that are user-friendly, efficient, and secure. Nowadays, it has been much easier to start an online retail business and there are more online platforms offering a variety of services to help new business owners get their sites up and running.

Create payment forms with authorized.net
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WordPress is one of the most popular platforms from which to build modern e-commerce stores. If you have a WordPress-powered website, you will have plenty of plugin options. WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that can quickly turn any WordPress website into a fully functioning online store, or add an online store to other functionality on the site.

If you own an online business and want to allow users to purchase your products directly from your website, your natural solution is to start using one of the available online payment methods. WordPress does not come with credit card payment options, but plenty of plugins and tools can help solve that.

With WordPress, many payment gateways can be easily integrated. Besides PayPal and Stripe, another popular service will allow you to seamlessly accept online payments on your WordPress site – Authorize.Net.

 Bringing in sales is the most important for any e-commerce store, but an aspect that’s often overlooked is how to accept the money. You must accept credit card payments for services or products that are crucial to the new entrepreneurial WordPress website.

Ecommerce transactions involve a series of steps that are crucially important to complete the checkout process. Because customers can drop off at any stage for several reasons, you want to create the most seamless experience possible to encourage the customer to convert.

WPForms has a solution for online payments. It has introduced the Authorize.net add-on, a great add-on for the website that needs to do transactions by which users can easily accept money from credit cards.

Authorize.net is one of the most extensively used payment gateways today. In comparison to other payment gateways, Authorize.Net offers advanced fraud detection services for free. It accepts all major credit cards and debit cards. You’ll also have a QuickBooks sync to make accounting easier.

Authorize.Net Gateway extension for WPForms enables you to use your Authorize.Net merchant account to accept payments via credit/debit cards using the Authorize.Net API integration on your WPForms powered website.

If you want to boost your sales and keep your customer satisfied, then choose the right payment methods.

Create Payment Form with WPForms

Install WPForms first

At first, you need to install and activate the WPForms plugin. WPForms is a beginner-friendly WordPress form builder plugin. While they have a Lite version completely free, you will need to have premium access to have the payment add-ons.

authorized.net plans
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 Furthermore, in detail, see a step-by-step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

Install Authorize.net Addon

Once you finish installing the WPForms plugin, you can navigate to WPForms » Add-on and from there click Authorize.net to install add-ons. You can process payment transactions anytime and anywhere using authorize.net. WPForms has introduced the Authorize.net add-ons by integrating the add-ons with WordPress forms you can easily accept payments from customers.

Create payment forms with authorized.net | Addons WPForms
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You just need to connect WPForms to Authorize.Net, then set up your form to take payments.

Configure Authorize.Net Addon

Navigate to WPForms » Settings >> Payments.

authorized payment forms setup
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By default, U.S Dollar currency is auto-selected. Go to the Authorize.net section. In this section, you would have to choose the currency that you want.

payment forms setting authorized,net
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Generate the transaction key and API login id that you required for your form. These two are different when you are in test mode and live mode. 

Sign in to Authorize.Net to get the key, then open it in a new window so that it will be easy for you to come back on this screen. If you don’t have an account then you can create a new account.

authorized.net login
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Once you sign in to Authorize.net, then you will see the options button of your account type where you can access Test or Live. Make sure that it is live because we are configuring payment for live sites. If you want to test the payment then you can make it Test.

payment test
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Locate Keys in Authorize.Net

Once you sign into your Live mode of Authorize.net, you can navigate to Setting.

additional settings
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Then click on the API Credentials and Keys

payment forms api setting
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Here, you will get the API Login ID, copy it. You will have to put it on the WPForms Settings page.

Authorize.Net setup api keys
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To generate the Transaction key click on the Create New Key(s) and submit.

Creating new keys in Authorize.net
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You will get another screen to verify your identity. Click on the Request Pin. You will get a PIN on your email ID, copy it, put it on that screen, and verify. Once your identity is verified, you will get a transaction key. Copy the transaction key and paste it into the WPForms setting page.

Create payment forms with authorized.net
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Once you put both API Login ID and Transaction Key, save the setting. You will see the success screen. Now, we have configured Authorize.net for your WordPress site. We will create a sample donation form and will enable the payment using Authorize.net.

Create Payment Forms

The WPForms offers different types of forms with highly customizable features. You will get an inbuilt form template for all users.

If you don’t have any form create a simple form 

To create the forms go to WPForms » Add new, you will get different types of templates. 

create payment forms additional templates
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It will open the form customization screen. You can add the fields from the left side panel. If you want to edit any field, then click on the field and you will get a customization option on the left side. The form will look like this, 

Create payment forms with authorized.net
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Once you are done with all customizations, save your form.

Connect Authorize.Net To Form

We have already configured the Authorize.net above. Here we will just enable it in the form. 

In the form editor, navigate to Payments. Then click on Authorize.net and Enable it.

Connect Authorize.Net To Form
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After that Click the Enable Authorize.Net payments checkbox to turn on the payment processing form.

In the Payment Description box, type those words which will appear on your customer’s credit card statement. For e.g, you can type your store name.

In the Authorize.Net Payment Receipt dropdown, you can input your Email address to get your payment receipt. If you didn’t input your Email address then you won’t get a receipt.

In the Customer Name dropdown, input your Name. 

Click Save.

Finalizing Your Authorize.Net Form

Click the Embed button at the top of the form builder.

Finalizing Your Authorize.Net Form
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Click Create New Page.

Click Create New Page.
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Type in the name of your form and click Let’s Go.

Then you just click Publish or Update to make the form live on your website.

Publishing form
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If you are thinking about having a payment gateway on your website then Authorize.net is the best plugin for the payment gateway integration. Whether you are a small business website or a charity website, it is best to have a payment gateway to accept money. Your simple solution is to start using one of the possible online payment methods. Authorize.net is one of the most extensively used payment gateways today. So, to easily accept money from credit cards WPForms has introduced the Authorize.net add-on.

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