Wordfence Security is one of the most popular WordPress security plugins available, with over 4million+ current installations. It is a leader in the security plugin space. It is one of the most used firewalls when it comes to WordPress security plugins.

Wordfence is a plugin that offers amazing features and will stop hackers from breaching your website. This plugin will automatically scan your website for malicious threats and has a real-time firewall. This will help secure your site from known (and unknown) threats. You will be alerted if any signs of a security breach are detected with the instructions to fix them.  So, you can be pretty relieved for your website after using this plugin.

Especially when it comes to all-in-one solutions Wordfence Security can take care of any vulnerabilities. This gem pairs simplicity with powerful protection tools, such as robust login security features. The security incident recovery tools. One of the main advantages of Wordfence is that you can gain insight into overall traffic trends and hack. So you can spot potential weaknesses and address them quickly.  It’s a fully-featured and powerful solution for your WordPress security.

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Detailed information for the Wordfenc plugin

Wordfence contains a Web Application Firewall (WAF), which is one of the most important security features for any affiliate website. It blocks malicious traffic, protects against brute force attacks, and scans your site for malware. Without breaking encryption and any data leaks. Other than this, the malware scanner protects your site from any malicious code or code. Its flagship free scanning tool checks your core files, plugin files, themes files, and plugins for malware. For example, posts, comments, bad URLs, backdoors, SEO spam, and more. And, it looks for any security vulnerabilities and issues and alerts you right away.  The plugin protects from brute force attacks on your site by limiting login attempts.

Simply install the free plugin available and share an email address that Wordfence will use to send you notifications. Whenever there is an outdated plugin, malicious file, or virus detected, you’ll be notified immediately. Wordfence is an especially good option for people with lots of WordPress sites to protect. Wordfence Central lets you manage security across all of your sites in a single interface.

From the intuitive dashboard, quickly track security events and configure alerts to be sent by email, SMS, or Slack. Looking at the security capabilities at your disposal, it’s hard to imagine a better or cheaper way.

Wordfence dashboard
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WordFence has an impressive list of features to protect your WordPress site from attack.

  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) identifies and blocks malicious traffic with tools for country blocking, manual blocking, brute force protection, and real-time threat defense. 
  • It provides a firewall and security scanner, blocking malware, SEO spam, and malicious redirects amongst others.
  • We liked the option of monitoring traffic in real-time, and the ability to perform advanced manual blocks. Any malicious human or robot activity, it prevents the site. The Pro version lets you monitor all sites from a central dashboard. 
  • To help you recover from a hack, including the ability to help you repair files damaged in the process.
  • Advanced features like IP blocking and brute-force login protection can give site owners some peace of mind. The premium version includes country blocking and two-factor authentication, and the firewall is updated in real-time.
  • Real-time malware signature update
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) and login limits to prevent brute force attacks that use temporary one-time passwords and login. Page CAPTCHA forms to prevent bots from breaking into your site.
  • Monitors visits and hack attempts in real-time including information. These are their IP address, the time of day, and time spent on your site
  • Tracks and alerts you about breached password usage so you can create a new strong password immediately
  • Protection from Brute Force Attacks with Login Attempt Limits

Wordfence Pricing

The free version of their plugin comes complete with a powerful malware scanner, exploit detection, and threat assessment features. Wordfence includes a website firewall for keeping bots off your site. Unlike most security plugins, which only offer a firewall in their premium version. This free version of Wordfence also includes login attempt limits to stop brute force attacks. Live traffic monitoring which tracks who is visiting your site (be it humans, good bots, or bad bots) and reports malicious intrusion attempts in real-time.

Wordfence Security offers a premium version that includes comment spam filters, country blocking, remote scanning, two-factor authentication, and premium customer support. Wordfence Premium starts at $99 per year for one license.

The only difference with the paid version is that the scanner checks to make sure your site and IP haven’t been blacklisted and it updates in real-time with the Wordfence Threat Defense Feed.

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Pricing: The Wordfence plugin is free, but it also offers a premium license with extended functionality that starts at $99 per year. Further, you can check Wordfence free vs premium for more reliability.


This free WordPress plugin offers continuous malware checking, spam, bot-blocking, and two-factor authentication for all users. WordFence also scans a site’s host for potential “backdoors” that could put sites at risk and allows users to block traffic from specific sources and countries if desired. The malware scanner plugin also sends instant email notifications of possible security breaches. This security solution for WordPress provides complete protection to your site with the new rules of firewall, malware, and malicious IP addresses that are required to keep the website clean. The plugin also comes with one interesting feature like Real-Time live traffic. It enables you to get real-time updates on the traffic as well as the attempt of hacking your site.

The free version of Wordfence is going to be more than enough for most WordPress owners, even if they have a ton of different sites.


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