Nowadays the speed of the website is the most important thing for the best visitor experience. Therefore, to increase the conversion boost the WordPress site. If the visitor experience is not good, then there is a doubt that the user will leave the website and will go to the next one. If the website takes more than 3 seconds to load, then visitors leave the website immediately.

Users are quick to move away from pages with poor page loading speeds, but you can make use of numerous online tools that offer detailed insights on your website speed performance.

Study shows that even a one-second delay can reduce visitor’s engagement with the website:

    1. Decrease Conversion by almost 7%
  1. Fewer customer Satisfaction by 16%
  2. Less Page views almost 11%

Importance of Speed

Due to speed issues, most of the websites are stuck with low conversion rates after all the marketing efforts. So in today’s post, I’m going to walk you through some easy tools and speed hacks to boost website vital scores.

Many tools can be used for speed hacking but I’m wondering what can be the best among the best tools and hacks to speed up your website. I’ll let you know such tools and speed hacks that will improve and boost your WordPress site vitals score.

If you want to rank higher in SEO, then you must focus on your site speed and the other vital things to improve your score. Search engine rankings are also determined by site speed and user behavior in the future, and hence, improving the site speed has become the most important thing. Fast-loading websites always keep a user hooked for a longer time.

Hence, it is very important to speed up your website which will not only –

Improving user engagement will also boost the SEO ranking of your site.

You will gain more traffic from search engines and hence improve the overall performance of your website.

So, how to improve your website’s Vitals score? 

Fortunately, there are some very simple tips and hacks to enhance website performance.

How to Check Your WordPress Website Speed

The easiest way to check the speed of your website is through a plugin. I’ll recommend the MonsterInsights plugin for checking the speed of your website.

MonsterInsights is now the best Google Analytic Plugins and is a very useful plugin for checking site speed. That’s not all you can also use advanced features and more in just a few clicks.

Easy Tools and Speed Hacks to Boost WordPress Site Vitals Score
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Once you purchase the plugin you can check traffic analysis and site speed.

Go to Insights>>Reports>>Site Speed.

Easy Tools and Speed Hacks to Boost WordPress Site Vitals Score
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Here you will see the overall progress of your website

The benefit of using Monsterinsights for checking site speed is that it provides an overall score for desktop and mobile.

Tools and Speed Hacks for your WordPress website

Selecting Hosting as per your Site’s Requirement

First of all, the most crucial thing is your website hosting. You can’t just listen to others and choose whatever the hosting provides you must pay extra attention. The right hosting platform with the right plan is a game-changer.

Tools and Speed Hacks for your WordPress website
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 your site requirements may be different from others so better choose hosting which offers all server resources only to you and based on your needs.  If you have good hosting then the speed of your website will increase automatically. Hosting must provide adequate resources for your website to run smoothly.  If you choose the right hosting then it will directly impact your website speed.

Increase website response rate by using a caching plugin

Caching plugins reduce the load time of your website and improve the server response time. The cache plugin simply stores frequently requested data of the most visited webpages and quickly fetches which eventually increases the website speed. This data can include HTML, JS, CSS Code, images, fonts, and files.

Using one of the best cache plugins is also a good way to improve site performance. There are a lot of free cache plugins available, choose one that suits your website best that improves the performance of the website

Use a compressor tool to optimize your images

The image plays a vital role in website speed, uploading a large image and videos will directly slow your WordPress site down. To avoid that, you can use an image optimization plugin to reduce the size of the image and directly improves website speed.

Compress Image
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There are many free plugins for image optimization that can reduce all your image dimensions and automatically choose the best one that goes with your website.

Use CDN to increase your load time

CDN is a content delivery network that plays a big role in the speed of your website. This stores the static content of your websites such as your site’s JS, CSS, images, and fonts on the servers at different locations so whenever a user visits your website, CDN fetches data from the nearest server and instantly loads the website.

Use CDN to increase your load time
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It offers better loading times for your website, no matter what kind of site you run.

Keep updating your WordPress with the latest version

Update your WordPress website with the latest version of WordPress. The latest version of WordPress helps to secure your website, protect it from bugs and helps to add more features to your site.

Keep updating your WordPress with the latest version
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By regularly updating the latest version of WordPress, Theme, and plugins you can ensure that your site doesn’t face any problems and functions smoothly. Check the latest version into Dashboard then update WordPress and update your plugin by visiting

Choose the correct theme with a fast load

Another factor that can alter the load time of your website is a poorly designed theme. Correct themes are a really important factor, there are lots of good themes that are available online but choose one that is good in coding. The website should look good as well as perform well.

Many themes are poor coding that can cause problems, so choose a well-optimized and faster theme to gain the best load speed for your website. Always use the lightweight WordPress theme for a better user experience.

Avoid unwanted Custom Fonts

Fonts also play an important role in website speed. If you are using many custom fonts then these will slow down your website. Having fonts that render quickly can improve your website user experience. So try to use only a single font for your website. There are a lot of good Google fonts available for free.

WordPress users often use google fonts for their website because of its library and it is hosted separately on a different server which significantly reduces the load on the server.

Deactivate the unused plugins

Plugins and tools can sometimes cause lag in your website. You need to find the plugins that slow down your website. Go through the installed plugins sections on your WordPress Dashboard and see which plugins are not in use anymore.

Deactivate all the plugins which you are not using because these will be automatically added to your server junk files and will slow down your website.

Easy Tools and Speed Hacks to Boost WordPress Site Vitals Score
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If they are not important then delete all after the deactivation.

Use WordPress Fast Plugins

With WordPress sites comes a need to install plugins to simplify the process, plugins simply ease the complex tasks and save time.

However, you must be careful with plugins, Use the best WordPress plugin for your website. It will have a good impact on your website speed because there are a lot of plugins that are not coded well and these impact badly on the website speed.

Along with deactivating and deleting unnecessary plugins, the use of the best plugins is also really important.

Fix Render-Blocking JavaScript and CSS

Every WordPress site has JavaScript and CSS files for the frontend and backend. Render blocking JavaScript and CSS are the files that are created while opening the pages and these files stop the webpage from getting displayed soon.  All plugins and themes you use in your website add these files to the front end of the website.

These slow down your website and the website didn’t work smoothly, so try to fix these problems. You can fix this render-blocking problem by using a plugin. Wp Rocket simply optimizes the file load time thereby improving the webpage load time. You just need to enable all options to improve performance.

Optimize the database of your website

Another way to improve your website loading time is to optimize your website database. WordPress database gets filled with junk that you don’t need. Remove the unnecessary junk files from your database.

You can do it manually or can do it by using WordPress database optimization plugins.

Avoid uploading videos and audios directly

Always avoid uploading videos and audio directly to your website if you want to maintain and increase your website speed. Because hosting audio and video files directly to your server takes lots of bandwidth and causes a drop in speed.

The solution to this is to upload it on third-party video websites like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and many others where you like, YouTube is one of the top video platforms.

Just upload your videos on one of these then copy the link or embed the video and post it on your website page/post then your video will be displayed on it without delaying your website load time. 

Keep Making your site more mobile-friendly

Mobile-Friendly blogs are most likely to be viewed by visitors. If your website is not mobile-friendly then you are committing a mistake.

Most of the visitors are likely to be using smartphones there for the site with highly mobile-friendly readers and they have a high rank on Google Search Engine. 

Split Comment Section into several pages

To increase the website speed another way is to split the comment section into several pages, If it’s a popular post then there is a chance of many comments. if a page or post has excessive comments then divide it into different pages using WordPress default settings.

Paginating comments is a good practice to speed up your site. It allows users to load comments on demand, so only those who are interested in the comment section will be able to see it.

Comment Settings
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Use Excerpts on Frontpage and Archives

Similarly, now use Excerpts on the archive and front page. By doing this, posts will show the short content, when you will click on it then the complete post will show.

The question is how? 

Go to Settings » Reading and then change the option of For each post in a feed, include to Summary and click on save changes. 

Use Excerpts on Frontpage and Archives
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Run the backup when your traffic is low

Taking backup of the website is very important to keep your website secure from hackers. You must enable the website backup features on WordPress to protect your data. It’s crucial to run the backup process.

You can take your website backup by using free WordPress backup plugins but it consumes a lot of server resources impacting website speed.

 So, you can run the backup plugin at a time when the visitors to your website are minimal.

Just schedule the backup time when the traffic on your website is low, analyze the visitor time, and choose when the visitor is fewer on your website. In this method, your website speed will increase and keep maintained. These processes handle the priority backup for your files.

Improve Website Speed by using the Lazy load plugin

Using the Lazy load plugin is also a very important part of the speed hack. Only the images and videos visible on the visitor’s screen will be loaded rather than loading every image, and file, from the website.

When the visitors scroll down the other content will display smoothly instead of loading all content at the same time, this is the perfect method to show your content and increase your website speed. You should try lazy load immediately if you think that the images and videos on your site are making your site slow.


Visitors always expect to load a site within one and two seconds. If your website takes more than 3 seconds then you will lose half of your visitors. There are many websites so instead of waiting, visitors choose to go for one with the fastest speed. There is a chance that due to slow speed many visitors don’t visit your website again.

These are a few solutions you can try to improve the speed of your WordPress site. There are still more easy tools and speed hacks you can try to speed up your site.

After using all these tricks, We hope that you will get the best result for your website and your visitors will feel good and satisfied while visiting your website.

The post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you.

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