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About Domain Age Checker

Domain Age Checker is an online tool that allows you to determine the exact age of a domain or website, from the moment it was registered to the time it is active. Search engines consider domain age to be one of the most important variables in website ranking. As a result, it is essential for keeping track of the age of your website stored on the internet.

You may use our tool to determine the age of your competitor’s domain as well as the age of the domains you intend to purchase. Older domains are more likely to improve their search engine rankings. Tools such as bulk domain age checker, bulk domain authority checker, and make it much easier to determine the exact period for the age of a certain domain. The results are generally dependable and accurate.

What is Domain Age and its Importance?

It is important to understand the domain age and its importance. Domain age is the age of a domain, similar to human age. When a new baby is born, its age begins to count in years, months, and days. As an example, domain age begins to accumulate when a domain is registered for the first time on the internet. Also, domain age plays a vital part in SEO, the older the domain, the higher search engines rank it, and the more likely it will have a huge number of backlinks. So it’s a good idea to hunt for old domains and buy them. Know more about the domain with

Domain Age Checker by WPrefers

WPRefers online Domain Age Checker is a free tool developed by WPrefers to find out the domain age of a particular domain. Use This tool to find out the domain age in bulk. This tool helps to know about competitor domain and their registration time. you just need to input the domain name in the tool and press the find button. you can check up to 5 domains at a time with our tool.

How to use this Domain Age Tool?

Domain Age Checker is very easy to use you would love this tool.

First of all, go to link
On the text box enter the domain name, you want to check ( note: you can check up to 5 domains at one time).
Click on “Find Age” to run the request.

Domain Age for SEO

There has been some discussion over how exactly the age of a certain domain affects your capacity to rank higher. SEO testing and experience show that an older domain age performs somewhat better when competing for rankings. Indeed, Google has shed some light on the significance of domain age, albeit, as predicted, they are still keeping their cards close to their breast.

Let’s go 
Domain age is an important element in determining Google results and is a component of SEO.
Websites are often ignored during the first several months after Google discovers them. It is quite difficult to rank highly for competitive terms in the first several months. Some SEOs will just refuse to work with brand-new domains.
According to Google, the difference between a domain that is 6 months old and one that is 12 months old is quite minor.

Now also available in plugins check the link below

Domain age checker plugin

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